Learn to move better as you age. Yes, that is possible. The most fun I have with clients are the ones over 80 years old and are still kicking it in high gear. How many times have you heard people say, well at your age you need to slow down, or maybe you have said it to yourself thinking that your age has a lot to do with your aches and pains. The reality is you need to speed up. Most older people have a difficult time moving because we focus more on getting our muscles stronger with little regard to flexibility. It is the flexibility that will make all the difference.

Older woman lifting a dumbbell.

I love talking to my older clients about their lifestyles and how they think as they continue to age. The first thing is, they all will tell you the recliner will kill you. I was at a furniture store the other day and I couldn’t believe they have recliners that have everything. There is no need to move! What is next, an arm to bring you coffee or a mixed drink? Watch a person that sits in a recliner a lot, especially when they stand. The first thing you will notice is the stiffness in their low back. Usually, they have head forward posture and their belly starts to grow because they are not moving. The sad truth is, most of these people believe they should not move for fear of hurting themselves. This talk usually comes from their peers or self-talk.

What Do They Have in Common?

There are a few of the commonalities amongst my clients who are 80+ in age. They always have a plan for tomorrow. There is always a project going on, no matter how physical it is. They are committed to a healthy diet. Lastly, they use their minds to solve problems and design new ideas, no matter their age they never stop learning. Check out my free videos at https://www.youtube.com/musclerepairshop

My 90 client plays tennis twice a week and runs his own cattle ranch which he started at 87. Imagine, when most people are afraid to walk too far, this man did all that in his late eighties.

Another client rides a bike on 50-100 mile trips weekly to monthly at a speed 20 miles per hour. The amazing thing is this client broke his pelvis in a bike accident less than a year ago. Today that client is back on the bike riding stronger than ever. Not bad for a 70-year-old.

Never Stop Moving

I have many stories to share, but the important thing to remember is these people never stop moving. They don’t act like they are 70, 80, or even 90 years old. They all exercise regularly, they learn how to stretch correctly from me, eat well every day, and they have a purpose. These people have made a commitment to eat healthy, work out without excuses, and focus their minds in a positive direction. You can have that same life at their ages but you have to commit to preparing your body for aging. What you do, eat, and think when you are young can influence how well you will age. Bad habits like drinking a lot, smoking, doing dangerous activities, and not focusing your mind in the right direction can be a bad recipe for your old age.


Take control of your health and not let it happen to you as if you had nothing to do with it. Our health care system is filled with people who are hoping and praying that someone will come up with a pill to solve their problem. A problem they most likely created because they did not know any better. With all the knowledge we have today, we need to get up out of that recliner and ask people who know, then make the commitment to improve your life forever.

While there is no guarantee, at least if you do get sick, your body will be in a better place to recover faster which will save you from multiple symptoms happening at one time. The side benefit is, you can give your recliner to a charity. In fact, let’s start a program that will overwhelm places like Good Will, Habitat, or Salvation Army with recliners. If you are interested, leave your comments below. To learn more go to https://www.musclerepairshop.com

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