Your First Stretch-N-Release Visit

Here’s what to expect from your first session.

Your first stretch visit

What to expect on your first stretching visit. When I first thought of getting stretched by someone, I couldn’t help but think an old James Bond movie where Bond was placed on a rack and pulled apart mechanically. Some people see someone forcing their arms and legs to separate farther than they ever had in the past. Many think of stretching as painful. In this section, I wanted to dispel any misconceptions about being stretched by a therapist so you can learn what to expect on your first stretching visit.

A Road with the Words Wellness Painted on It

We have all done stretching exercises at the gym, physical therapy, and in school as children. Stretching always seemed hard, painful, and I didn’t see the point. Besides, it seemed hopeless that I would ever be as flexible as the woman teaching the stretching. I thought some people, especially women, were just naturally more flexible than men, which was a great excuse to not even try. So try to forget everything you have experienced with stretching as this will be a different experience and a different mindset. This is why it is key that you know what to expect on your first stretching visit.

What to Expect on my First Visit

1- You will remain dressed throughout the entire session. I would recommend loose clothing so you can move more easily.

2- We will go over your registration form to better understand what you are feeling and where you feel the pain. This will help to identify the true cause of the pain.

3- We will use our Stretch n’ Release Technique to prove what we believe is the true cause then teach you how to do 2-3 stretches that will most help you resolve your pain as quickly as possible.

4- We will demonstrate the 2-3 stretches and have you experience them on your own while we observe.

5- Finally, we will you home with custom stretching videos that you can follow at home. Stretching is a daily habit and if done daily will stop your pain and prevent it from coming back. 


If this is your first time scheduling an appointment online, you will be asked to create an account. Thank you!

This experience will be different from most therapies you have experienced in the past. It is important to know what to expect on your first stretching visit. It will require a different mindset in that it is about releasing from the brain and pressurizing the muscle to force it to release. We will help you change your mindset with daily reminders on your calendar, check-ins to make you are doing correctly, and additional visits to improve your stretching in all areas of your body so you can take control of how much pain you suffer throughout your life. You can see videos on our YouTube channel to prepare for your visit.

Here's How to Get Started


Schedule a Session

You can call or click to schedule your session with Butch. If you still want to learn more, try the 30 min. complimentary session on Zoom.


Breathe and Learn as You Stretch with Butch

Butch will ask questions and gently stretch your body to fully understand the source of the pain. He will coach you on the breathing and mind aspects of the Stretch N Release Technique.


Continue To Stretch Daily As the Pain Goes Away

You will have videos to follow as you learn how to make stretching part of your daily routine. This way you will feel the pain release along with your muscles and stay that way.



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