Health Membership and Packages

Health Membership Has Its Privileges


Our Muscle Repair Shop Membership plan is great for the person that wants to create a habit of stretching daily like we are suppose to do. Your plan will give you two 60-minute visits with additional visits only $70 over the 30 day period. This plan is recurring so you must cancel the membership to stop the charges. This plan will include access to all the stretching videos and a calendar of reminders to help you build the habit and you can use some visits for Neuromuscular massage. These are not accumulative, so if you don’t use them, you will lose them.

Want more choices?

If the recurring membership plan doesn’t work for you, we offer session packages from 2 visits to 10 visits. This great for the person that travels or doesn’t need to come in every month because this visits never expire. You come in when you want to. You still get access to all the stretching videos, a calendar to motivate you, and you can use some visits for a Neuromuscular massage. These packages gives you all the benefits with more control over when you want to come in.


Cannot Come to Our Office?

We offer the Stretch n’ Release Videos Membership Plan. For just $59 per month you get the stretching videos with personal coaching through video and audio calls, email communication, and the ability for both of us to see your progress through your stretching exercises to keep on track to live more pain-free. You will also get a calendar that will remind daily of your stretches which will help you develop the habit of stretching. If you do not want a membership plan,you can buy individual video series for specific issues, like plantar fasciitis, back pain, and carpal tunnel.



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