Why just manage your pain? Learn how to take control of your pain and get back to a Pain-Free Balanced Body.

Do you Have a Pain-Based Issue or Quality of Life Issue?

 Our Stretch n’ Release Technique empowers you to manage your own pain!

There are 2 different types of pain:

1) Pain-Based issue meaning I am in pain right now and I need help ASAP. These are very motivated people and will do nearly anything to stop the pain.

2) Quality of life issue meaning yes there is some pain but nothing I cannot deal with for now. These people are less motivated due to a lack of urgency.

People with a Pain-Based issue had trauma like a fall, car accident, or injured while playing a sport. The sharpness of the pain makes them willing to do whatever it takes to stop the pain. Many times, people in this category will make decisions that they wished they never made, like choosing a surgery or treatment plan that left them with a bigger problem later. A foot or knee injury that was not treated properly can lead to a chronic back problem or neck problem that can hamper them for the rest of their lives.

People with a Quality of Life issue suffer with pain but not to the level of people with a pain-based issue. Many times, they may feel it is because of their age and the urgency is just not there. The reality is, this small pain could do serious damage to the bones or nerves leaving them with expensive surgeries.

Either way, it is possible to reduce the injuries you get from sports or slow the pain from an aging body. The choice is yours, the commitment is yours, and the work will be all you. We can give you the tools, but the success will depend on you.

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    Getting Older Does Not have to be Painful!

                             Learn how to have a Pain-Free Balanced body.

How do you feel when a health care professional says to you, “What do you expect at your age?” You should feel offended and expect everything! Sure, it feels like the older you get the more pain you feel, but the truth is, you were never told how to prepare for getting older. Think back to the days of your youth. How many people over 75 did you see? Were the people at 65 doing what people today are doing at 65? They were not, when I was a kid. We are living longer today than at any point since the beginning of humans.  With this longevity comes a need to prepare for it.

We can show you how to prepare for today and into the future. The key is, are you willing to do the work on you for the rest of your life? The earlier you start, the better you will be!

Just for Men: Ready to Run Like a Ferrari?

As a man, does it feel like your “get up and go, has got and gone?” Do you wish you could do today what you once did physically? Most of us want to stay active and enjoy our lives with our friends and family. You can attain this, but like maintaining a Ferrari, it takes consistent maintenance and a willingness to accept nothing but the best. The same is true of your body. You would never go cheap or get lazy if you owned a Ferrari, right? Now is the time to change your life and get back in the game!

Go Hard in your Sport Without Fear of Pain!

Lack of flexibility results in most sports injuries.

Back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain comes from every sport. You work out hard to be stronger, bigger, faster than everyone else. What if your  workout is causing you more injuries, not because of poor training, but insufficient flexibility?

Rotation in your golf, tennis, or baseball swing begin with your ankles, not your hips. Traditional calf stretching will never help you because it is stretching your Achilles Tendon, not your calves.

Biking, running, and power lifting tighten your quads which can cause low back pain. Traditional quad stretching will not help you either because you need to stretch the upper quads.

Imagine improving your range of motion so much that the power you work so hard to achieve feels like it has doubled! 


Why Do Most Treatments Fail?

At best, most treatments are short-term solutions

There is only one reason that most treatments fail, you are not included in the treatment plan. Whether it is PT, a trainer, a surgeon, or any gadget available to us, you are dependent on someone else doing the work. As a healthcare practitioner, we are trained to work on a patient as if we have all the answers. The truth is, by collaborating with the patient, the treatment plans work better because the patient understands the goal and can help at home to overcome any discomfort. You are given a pill without information of how your diet and lifestyle played a role in where you are. You have surgery hoping the surgeon got it right with no direction of how to improve your diet and lifestyle. Most problems occur due to diet and lifestyle of a person’s life. If no one shows you what to do, how will you know how to change? Find out if your treatments are holding you back.

Are You Ready to Make the Commitment Now?

Nothing changes in your life until you decide to make the changes! As an athlete, you train hard to improve your game. The key is consistency, right? You would never train occasionally and think you would improve your game. This is no different.

Aging requires the same intensity as an athlete. You decide how well you age. Chances are you will live to be 80 or 90 years old. Why not live your life to the fullest without pain.

We offer a membership package and packages of 3,5, and 10 visits that never expire. Make the commitment to live your best life now!

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 If you cannot come to our office and would like to sign up for our on-demand videos, this is a monthly charge of only $99 per month. If you have a specific problem,  we will do a free consultation, then we provide with a custom set of videos to follow. You can follow the exercises at home, we will stay in contact with you to help guide you through the stretches.

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