You begin aging the day you are born.

It’s time to change the WAY you age.

Stretch 'n Release Technique

Forget about everything you ever learned about stretching! The stretching you were taught in gym class at school, athletics in high school and college, and even the stretching taught in gyms today just does not work. The focus is more on forcing the muscles to release which will cause the unconscious mind to fight back. This is called resistance training not stretching.

 In fact, you may be hurting yourself in the short term which can lead to a serious injury down the road. When you pull hard trying to get a muscle to release, that is strength training for other muscles. When we hold a stretch for 20, 30, even 60 seconds waiting for the muscle to release that is stamina training. When we try to stretch multiple muscles at one time that is strength training too. 

If you don’t believe me try this. Lay on your back and put your feet flat on the floor with your knees pointing toward the ceiling. Lift your hips off the floor and tell me what you feel. To lift your hips, you must contract the abdominal muscles, upper thighs, and hip flexors just to lift the weight of your hips. This is a typical “low back stretch” used by many professionals. Because you are contracting the muscles on the front side, the muscles in the front will tighten as if you are lifting weight. This will pull the pelvis forward causing back stiffness. When you stand up after sitting for a while, or stand for long periods of time, or just get out of bed, low back pain may occur.

My Stretch n’ Release Technique incorporates gentle stretching and releasing with the mind to relax the muscles.   Want to know more…

Is it Time to Change the Way You Age?

Believe or not, that is a choice you have!  You do not have to age and adjust to the pain. Wouldn’t it be nice to be free enough to exercise, play the sports you love, and just move without hurting all the time? Think of how much better you will feel with better freedom of movement. You don’t have to feel isolated from your friends. You can play and socialize with your friends for the rest of your life!

We have been brainwashed to believe that doctors, therapists, and other health professionals can heal without any participation from us. That is just not true. You have the power to change how you enjoy your life regardless of your age.

My Stretch n’ Release Technique is the key to aging without pain. If you are open-minded, willing to try something different, and are willing to participate and do the work at home each day, then this technique is definitely for you.  Want to know more…

 Learn more about the benefits of the Stretch n’ Release technique.

I have various lower back issues that will never improve.  The stretching and exercises provided at physical therapy were now causing more pain and decreasing range of motion.  Steroid injections were of little value.  I decided to try The Muscle Repair Shop.  I was taught the proper way to stretch, and other techniques to address the areas of pain and lack mobility.  I can now sleep through the night.  When I get out of bed, I am able to stand and walk upright without pain.  I have resumed walking, biking, swimming, ping pong and golf.  Traveling is back in the picture.  Thank you Butch

Especially for Men: Your Body Should Run Like a Well-Oiled Machine

A good part of my business is dedicated to men seeking freedom from pain. I know for most men, we do not like to go to doctors, get massages, or anything that puts us in an awkward position with our bodies. My experience has shown that men typically prefer looking at their health through the lens of a car, sport, or business.  You can explore my approach to health for men in a special area of my blog. Click here to explore.

The Therapeutic Neuromuscular Massage

What is your idea of a nice, relaxing massage? Do you think of candles, soft music, warm sheets, and someone rubbing your body with oil until you fall asleep? That feels awesome right?

Maybe you are a person that loves a deep tissue massage. The harder, the better, right? You want to feel the therapist digging into your muscles, so you know that you have been worked on, right? You love the tingling of your body afterward. The problem is the good feelings of either types of massage don’t last long enough. 

The neuromuscular massage at the Muscle Repair Shop is different than any massage you have tried. I have combined the work of the deep tissue massage with guided stress release from the mind. You will be coached during the massage so you can learn how to release from the mind. This neuromuscular massage will feel deep without the risk of bruising.    Want to know more….

Learn more about the benefits of Neuromuscular Massage.

Membership Packages Help You Maintain a Routine

Our memberships give you 2 visits per month to make sure you stay on track and are doing the stretches correctly. No matter how good a stretching technique is, not doing them correctly will give no improvement. Our memberships can be used for massage too so you can mix them up any way you want. We also offer Packages of visits you can buy in advance and there is no expiration date.

Gift Cards are a Great Gift for Your Friends and Family

Know someone that could benefit from our Stretch n’ Release Technique? Or, do you know someone that could use a relaxing massage which can teach them how to relax their mind?

Our gift cards are great for holidays, birthdays, or just to say to someone, “I want to improve your life.”

Want to See This on Video?

We have many free videos on our YouTube channel, The Muscle Repair Shop. Each video talks about why you hurt and how to stop it. Some of the videos have actual Stretch n’ Release Techniques that you can see, FREE! Just go here for the FREE videos… 

If you cannot come to our office and would like to sign up for our on-demand videos, this is a monthly charge of only $99 per month. You can follow the exercises and stay in contact with me to help guide you through the stretches.

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