Testimonials for Muscle Repair Shop

Wanted to give a shout-out to The Muscle Repair shop – Butch truly knows his stuff. He has helped me with a shoulder injury earlier this year and last week not only got me walking without pain in my calf, knee, and quad but I’m actually back on the tennis court competing again in a National event. Thank you, Butch. You got something hurting – see Butch. 

Jan C.

We are visiting Sarasota, and I brought my son to this clinic because of a tight shoulder from vigorous exercise. In just 30 minutes, Butch taught my son various stretches to help keep his muscles loose while also sharing his knowledge about the ways in which the muscles in the body are interconnected (like, tight calf muscles affecting our shoulder and neck muscles–who knew?). Butch has loads of knowledge to share and no massage therapist I’ve ever gone to see has held more knowledge than he does. Butch also sent follow up videos of the recommended stretches, which is helpful, since there was a lot of information to take in. He encourages you to reach out anytime, with any questions or concerns, and is also available by zoom if you’re not local to Sarasota. If you’re dealing with any kind of muscle pain, we can’t recommend Butch highly enough. Next time, I’m booking an appointment for myself!

Laura L

Truly a miracle.  I have been struggling with a mid right back issue for over ten years with countless trips to back specialists, PTs and Chiropractors with little to no improvement.  Butch literally fixed me in one visit.  I walked out in the parking lot and had tears of joy in my eyes.  I can’t stop smiling.

D. Norsworthy

Extremely professional and immediate high impact. Glad to have found Butch.

H. Liebel

Due to a muscle problem with my right shoulder after recent surgery, I attended a number of sessions of therapy, which did not seem to significantly help all that much.

I then decided to seek help and advice in muscular function from the expert Butch Phelps, at the Muscle Repair Shop in Sarasota. I attended three very thorough sessions with Butch and came away reassured that providing I worked at the exercises he suggested, my shoulder should have no trouble in recovering nicely. I was extremely pleased with the professional attention received, and I am no longer concerned about the final outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Butch and the Muscle Repair Shop, to anyone seeking expert advice/attention to a physical problem in the realm of muscular conditioning.


Butch gives no-nonsense training in stretching techniques that fixed my lower back and eliminated stubborn tennis elbow. I also bought five stretching sessions that reinforced the training and gave me a jump start on my home care. My doctor sent me to The Muscle Shop and I am so grateful he did.  I am an aggressive/ high output Peloton rider and needed better ways to stretch my quads and hamstrings and calves and hips to alleviate the pressure on my lower back coming from long and HIIT rides.  I use a Hyrdow rowing machine which gave me the tennis elbow. This nailed it.

Bill M.

For the last 12 years Butch has been my savior!  I kid you not. He’s gotten me through back issues, a L4-L5 disc injury, and rotator cuff misery.  His knowledge and his amazing patience are a combination rarely found. He relieves your discomfort through stretching then shows you how to help yourself through exercises! Everyone I recommended to see him has become a repeat patient.  There is no one else better!

Deborah Dart

You must go to the Muscle Repair Shop if you have chronic muscle pain or soreness that you haven’t resolved on your own or by trying other resources. Butch is a master of his profession. As importantly, he cares about getting you well again. With his many years of experience, he has seen every type of muscle ailment and will clearly address the cause of your specific issues. During his sessions, he will work on the muscles that are causing the pain and/or restrictive movement. Additionally, he’ll advance the therapy by introducing more stretches and exercises that you need to do to achieve your recovery goals. I heartily recommend that you contact The Muscle Repair Shop. I’m confident you will be very satisfied that you did! 

David W.

I am a retired Army Special Forces Officer who has over 270 jumps from airplanes. I have had severe issues with my back and legs since my retirement in 2007. I had been in treatment (both private and VA for years). Butch was recommended to me by a friend and has simply put, been the best investment I have made for my personal health in years. Trust me I tried them all!

After a couple of weeks of following Butch’s instruction and implementing his programs into my daily stretching, I can without a doubt express this is the best treatment I have undergone for my issues. Butch is VERY insightful, patient (I ask many, many questions of which he answered each one thoroughly), and explains things in “layman” terms, he is also very proficient and makes sure you understand what he is doing, what he recommends, and why!

As I stated, I have been through MANY treatments, but this is by far the BEST! I have recommended him to many of my friends who have similar issues. I live in Tampa but the drive to see him in Sarasota is one I undertake with excitement to learn new things about my body and health. I know when I leave a session with him, I am leaving with knowledge and the ability to assist me in continuing an active life.

I recommend him with the HIGHEST regard if you are genuinely interested in “fixing” not “masking” your back and leg pain issues. He is worth the investment (very reasonable) and time! You will not be disappointed!

Leo "Lion 6" Cadogan

I have been going to Butch for more than 10 years for stretching. I started initially because of sciatic pain in my hip. I quickly realized how great he is at stretching my body and making it feel better. He taught me the techniques to do it myself at home. I do some of it every night but still see Butch on a monthly basis because I can’t stretch my body the way he does. Over the years I have been amazed on how many occasions I have seen Butch and said that I have a specific pain that I can’t get rid of. Well every time he has been able to give me stretches that have relieved my pain. He is truly a miracle worker.

Dale Otterman

The Muscle Repair Shop has been a key component for me to realize my dreams!   For the past several years, I have been going to maintain my flexibility and reduce the knots from my high level of biking.

In October, I required a complete hip replacement as a result of a bike accident.  Since then, I have been going to the muscle repair shop for therapy top regain the range of motion lost during surgery.    I am back riding over 140 miles per week and highly recommend The Muscle Repair Shop to keep your body young and flexible. 

Richard Garrett

Butch is the Man! He will FIX you and teach you how to not repeat the same mistakes. He’s a genius and I refer EVERYONE I come across in need of help. Avoid surgery and see Butch first! He will change your life!!”

Rhi Light



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