The Stretch n’ Release Technique: Once you experience it, you will understand why it is like no other.

  We don’t want to manage your pain, we want to Empower you to stop your pain forever!

The Benefits of our Stretch n’ Release Technique

The Benefits of our Stretch n’ Release Technique

Better Flexibility

Stretch n Release your way to better flexibility! How nice would it feel to stand up, walk, or play with your family and not have to worry about pain? Once you understand your brain’s role in maintaining the pain in your body, you can allow your muscles to let go and stop the pain. We will teach you how the brain prevents you from being more flexible and that can stop your life.

Stretch n’ Release Technique To Improve Foot Flexibility

Better Movement

Learning how your gait can affect your back, how your feet and calves can affect your neck, even how the type of shoes you wear can determine how much pain you have can change your life forever, regardless of your age. We will change the way you walk, stand, and even the shoes you wear to help you stop your pain and get you moving.

Enjoy Better Life With Stretch N Release Technique

Better Life

No matter your age, everyone wants to be able to do the things they enjoy the most. Sadly, for too many older people they must decide between pain and the things they used to enjoy doing. It doesn’t have to be that way. Most of our clients have been told by their friends, and even their doctors, their age has a lot to do with their pain. We are finding that is not true!

Here's How to Get Started


Schedule a Session

You can call or click to schedule your session with Butch. If you still want to learn more, try the 30 min. complimentary session on Zoom.


Breathe and Learn as You Stretch with Butch

Butch will ask questions and gently stretch your body to fully understand the source of the pain. He will coach you on the breathing and mind aspects of the Stretch N Release Technique.


Continue To Stretch Daily As the Pain Goes Away

You will have videos to follow as you learn how to make stretching part of your daily routine. This way you will feel the pain release along with your muscles and stay that way.

Stretch n Release for Healthy Aging

Many of my clients, 80 and 90+ years of age are doing things most people could never imagine them doing. I found there are several commonalities among this group of people:

  • First, they always have a purpose in life.
  • They eat a healthy diet and maintain a healthy weight which leads to lower rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or other diseases that are a direct result of diet and lifestyle.
  • In addition, they remain very active, working out daily and playing sports that include a lot of cardio work.
  • They work their brains daily by learning new things.
  • Finally, they maintain their flexibility, in fact, most of them are as flexible as many people in their 20’s and 30’s.

Without their flexibility, everything else would fall apart and that is what led me to develop The Stretch n’ Release Technique.

Stretch n Release for Healthy Aging

Have you already scheduled an appointment?

Which Stretch n Release Technique treatment is right for you?

New clients will need to create an account the first time they schedule online.

30 Minute Treatment

This is for people on the go. We can help you with specific areas instead of the whole body.

60 Minute Treatment

Enjoy the freedom all over. Here we can help you free the whole body and leave you with the 3 most important stretches for you to do at home to maintain that freedom. Videos are available to help you at home.

90 Minute Treatment

You can feel rejuvenated totally. We can help with specific areas as well as the whole body. This is like giving you the keys to freedom of movement.

Truly a miracle.  I have been struggling with a mid-right back issue for over ten years with countless trips to back specialists, PTs and Chiropractors with little to no improvement.  Butch literally fixed me in one visit.  I walked out in the parking lot and had tears of joy in my eyes.  I can’t stop smiling.

Don Norsworthty 2021

Last week you helped with my upper back, but my neck has hurt for years. I feel better now than I have in probably 15 years. Thank you so much for your help and teaching me how to stretch so I can maintain this relief!

Kimi N. 2020

If you have back problems or leg problems or arm problems, I highly recommend the muscle repair shop. Their understanding of the human body is exceptional.

Debbie L.



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