Relieving lower back pain is a very common complaint that patients bring to their doctors. The morning back stiffness or stiffness when you get up out of a chair is due to sitting too much during the day.  But when this complaint is brought up, a lot of doctors and therapists recommend a common “treatment” which does little good. They recommend you wear an elastic back brace to support your back.  While you may feel a little “relief,” it is only a band aid approach. 

It All Starts Further Down

The real root of your problem is with your pelvis. When the pelvis gets pulled forward, which comes from sitting too much, the upper front thigh muscles tighten. These tight muscles pull the pelvis forward causing a kink in your lower back. When the inner thighs tighten, they do the same thing.

Have you noticed how some older people bend over when they walk? These tight thigh muscles are where this unfortunate elderly posture all started. Though they may also have a form of arthritis, much can still be done to alleviate the tightness that exacerbates this posture, and subsequent pain!  The unique approach of Stretch n’ Release exercises and technique can turn back time and relieve lower back pain.

Relieving Lower Back Pain with Stretch n’ Release

To help address your lower back pain, we focus on releasing the tension in your thighs to release the pelvis. We start with stretching and releasing the tension, not strength training. You need your pelvis to be able to move and adapt with different movements. I demonstrate these techniques in the Muscle Repair Shop’s Stretch n’ Release lower back pain video series. 

The Stretch n’ Release Technique differs from other common treatments in that we address the source of tension and go beyond simple stretching. By combining stretching with the training of your brain to learn to not fight back, you can release the emotional tension behind your pain. 

In a typical session with a client, whether in person or by Zoom, we look at the dynamics of your lower back pain and root out the source of the tension. Then I demonstrate how to utilize the Stretch n’ Release Technique and daily stretches to relieve back pain for good. Interested? you can learn more here in my recent video or sign up for a complimentary 30-minute session on Zoom.

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