We have all heard of personalized medicine or health care, right? If not, this means that the treatment plan you are given is built specifically for your body. Up to this point we go the doctor or physical therapist and whatever you have, let’s say a bad low back, every patient would get the same treatment plan. For every common ailment, there is a common treatment plan designed for that ailment.

The problem is, without knowing the true cause of your problem, the practitioner may be totally missing the boat on how to treat your problem even if they reduce your pain. Ever known anyone who has recurring pains and issues, no matter how many treatments they have? This is the way we have trained our healthcare practitioners and wellness practitioners.

The question to ask is, if I don’t know how I got this pain or ailment, then could I ever resolve the problem? It is like your car is out of alignment and the tires on the car only last a couple of thousands of miles. We know that tires can last up to 50 or 60, 000 miles, so we know something is wrong. However, if the tire company only replaces the tires and never understands that the tires are wearing out fast because the car is out of alignment, it could cost you a fortune to own that car. This is where we are today in healthcare and wellness.

Today, we are beginning to see many doctors heading into a more personalized healthcare system and that is good for the patient and the doctor. By homing in on your specific needs to solve your problem, the doctor and the patient can learn how to improve your body by making changes in your diet and lifestyle that may be hampering the results of medications or slowing down the results of the overall treatment plan.

What is Personalized Wellness?
If you are a client of mine, you know that after your visit or session, if on Zoom, I send you videos of the stretches I taught you, by email. The app you download is from a company named Trainerize. This site allows me to store my videos in a way for me to personalize which videos you get. The videos you get are different from what other clients get, even for the same issue. Two people may have the same ache or pain, but rarely is it caused by the same thing. For example, three people could come in with low back pain. Person 1 may have tight calves which force them to take shorter strides, which force the upper body to lean forward placing pressure at the low back causing pain. Person 2 mat have tight quads, front of thighs, which tilt the pelvis forward placing pressure on the outsides of the low back, which causes low back pain. Person 3 may have tight inner thighs, which tilts the pelvis forward pacing pressure on the middle of the low back, which causes low back pain.

As you can see all three people will tell you they have low back pain, wear a back brace, take pain pills, get a massage, or even do physical therapy for low back pain, yet the cause is from different areas. If the therapist or doctor does not realize this, they may relieve some of the pain, but it will keep coming back. Most stretching practitioners think we must stretch the low back to relieve the pain because they believe the problem is in the low back. I bet you have thought the same thing. All of these things may treat the low back but solving the pain might be impossible without knowing the cause.

This is when personalized wellness becomes important to all of us. There is a connection to the activities you do, food you eat, thoughts you have, stress you are under, and general lifestyle choices that will affect your health collectively. Leave any one of these areas out and your endeavor for better health could fail. Think of the man who works out like crazy for bigger muscles but eats a horrible diet and drinks alcohol daily. What is the likelihood he has good health? He may have large muscles, but his heart could explode, digestive issues, or even cancer could arise based on his lifestyle.

The key to remember is, absence of pain does not mean you have great health. Fitness watches, apps, and connectivity to your doctors can expose so many things that are going wrong in your health before it becomes a real problem.

Explore Trainerize to Improve Your Health
Many of you have already used the Trainerize app for my videos, but you may not have explored what is available on the app to you. Most of it is free, so let’s explore what is there for you.

1- Stretching videos from me- You can watch them on demand on your computer or mobile devices anytime, anywhere you want. You can message me for help or ask for more videos, and it is available for the length of your package, membership, or individual visit. For instance, the videos are available as long as you have the package or membership. If you only buy one visit, the time you have to watch the videos is limited to 2 weeks. No matter if the visit was on Zoom or in-office.

2- Strength training videos- Trainerize comes with individual exercises of different types whether you use free weights or body eight training. You can even get complete workout routines on the site.

3- Nutrition- there are nutrition guides that can help you eat better and keep track of what you are eating. In addition, there are recipes you can try to improve your diet

4- Health Trackers- the site is filled with all types of health trackers like weight and height, workouts, cardio, and many more. You can connect them to many fitness watches like Apple, Fitbit, and most others so you can see how you are doing on a constant basis.

5- I can see what you are doing and if there are areas you need help with to improve your health. Keeping track of your health is like looking at the gauges on the dash of your car to prevent things from happening. You can share this information with your doctors and therapists which gives them great insight into your health.

Check it out and let me know what you think. I want to help you improve your health for 2023. Have fun with it!

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