Let’s dive a bit deeper into KineSophy! As most of you know, my philosophy about the muscles of the human body is to keep moving and take care of your muscles by stretching and massaging them to keep your joints lubricated and your body pliable. Additionally, it is always a great joy to speak with another professional who believes the same about the human body.

As I have said many time, you all know how much I love my Xero shoes. Two months ago, I responded to a review by Greg Hickey who is a former professional baseball player/coach, personal trainer and philosophy student and current endurance athlete and author. He has written many books and I have enjoyed reading some of them. I would encourage you to check him out and enjoy his books as well.

Greg and I connected, and he invited me to be interviewed by him for his newsletter, KineSophy, The Ethics of Human Movement. KineSophy is Greg’s exploration of the connections between health, fitness, sports, philosophy, and society, with a particular emphasis on incorporating physical virtues into a plan of ethics. You can read my interview with Greg at https://kinesophy.com/butch-phelps-brain-body-connection.

I have enjoyed reading his newsletters and think you will too. In the resources tab on his website, he offers sustainable recipes and protein shopping guide, along with several other topics. I hope you take the time to try his newsletter.

Don’t forget the Tennis Ball Massage!

Softening your hips and back is easy when you use the tennis ball. Just lean against the wall and apply enough pressure to feel the painful area. The temptation is to press harder but resist it. Instead, breathe out and allow the muscle to soften under the ball. Then move to another spot and repeat. Continue doing this until most of the painful spots are gone. Check out previous newsletters to see the video.

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About The Muscle Repair Shop

Drawing upon his personal experience as a former competitive athlete turned wheelchair, obese, and chronic pain sufferer, Muscle Repair Shop Founder Butch Phelps decided to take his health into his own hands when at the age of 36 he was told he might not make it to his 40th birthday.  Applying balanced nutrition advice from his doctor along with a sound exercise program, he went from 315 lbs. to 180 lbs.  Motivated by his experience, he then acquired degrees in advanced therapeutic massage and aging sciences to help people eliminate chronic pain. This included applying his expertise in how people age, including the effects of dementia, anatomy, psychology, and the day-to-day struggles of living as an older person to his practice and development of The Muscle Repair Shop’s one-of-a-kind Stretch n’ Release Technique

Available through in-office and virtual coaching treatment sessions, this unique combination of stretching and breath work teaches the brain to release the emotional side of muscle tension and pain allowing clients to find lasting relief and healing from stiffness, aches, injuries, and chronic pain. The at-home exercises come with customized instructional videos and virtual or in-office support, allowing clients to enjoy and experience life and sports as they did before limitations slowed or curtailed activities.

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