If you want to fix your calves, try new shoes.

I love my Xero shoes, in fact, I own five pairs of different styles. I have been writing about the shoes on the Xero Shoes Facebook page and explaining how the shoes help us physically. Each of you have listened to me talk about how great the shoes feel and many of you have purchased the shoes for yourselves. Some of you may have had trouble hearing the podcast, so here is the link below.

To my surprise, Steven Sashen, the CEO of Xero Shoes, had his marketing person contact me to ask if I would be willing to be interviewed on his podcast called Movement Movement. It is about an hour long and we both had a great time talking about the calves, feet, and how the shoes help with how you walk and run. Click the link below and enjoy the podcast. I would suggest you subscribe to the podcast as Steven has very informative and entertaining guests each week. The podcast has weekly shows every Wednesday.

Click here to get the episode on The  MovementMovement Podcast –  “Fix your Calves, Fix your Feet.”

The Calves are so Important to Your Feet

As in the above podcast, the calves determine how much pain you feel in your feet. Getting good at stretching your calves, softening your calves, and then wearing the correct shoes to maintain healthy calves is important. Yes, you heard that: stretching and a new pair of shoes can fix your calves.

The feet are equally as important. We need to keep our feet soft which means the arch of your foot should be as soft as the palm of your hand. Imagine if your hands were as tight as the arch of your foot. You would not be able to get out of your house as your hands would be too inflexible to twist the handle.

To soften your feet is easy. If you can reach your feet, use your hands to gently press on the arch of the foot one spot at a time. As you press in, breathe out and allow the muscle to soften. It will take some time, but in a short period of time you can soften the arch of your foot, but that is not all.

If you cannot reach your foot, use a golf ball on the floor. While sitting in a chair, place the ball under the arch of your foot. Do not roll it around, but like with your hand, press one spot at a time. Be sure to breathe out as you press.

Now we want to soften the top of the foot. Use your hands to rub between the bones on the top of the foot, starting at the toes and going up to the ankle. In the beginning, you may feel a tingling or a sharp pain. If it does, back off the pressure, breathe out, and allow the top of the foot to relax,

The key here is to relax and practice. The more you do this the better you will get. This is why I tell you to do it often, even several times a day if you need it. You will become successful.

In using my technique, you are allowing the brain to release the muscles versus using the brute force that you see in many gyms and physical therapy. It takes practice, but once you get it, and you will, your body will feel more energized and vibrant.


Best Flexible Shoes for your Feet

Some of you have asked about where to get the shoes I wear. Click here to order your own pair of Xero shoes!

Now for the Stretches to Fix Your Calves

Stretching is more about feeling the muscles letting go than forcing them to stretch. If you are forcing the muscle, you could be doing strength training, not stretching. Make sure you are feeling the intended muscle stretching. If not, the form could be wrong. Holding for 5 seconds allows the brain to release the muscle before it senses any danger. Repeating the stretches 10 times allows the brain to learn it is safe for the muscle to move that way.


Don’t forget the Tennis Ball Massage!

Softening your hips and back is easy when you use the tennis ball. Just lean against the wall and apply enough pressure to feel the painful area. The temptation is to press harder but resist it. Instead, breathe out and allow the muscle to soften under the ball. Then move to another spot and repeat. Continue doing this until most of the painful spots are gone. Check out previous newsletters to see the video.

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