Gift Cards for Health and Happiness

Birthdays, holidays, and just special occasions are difficult to find a gift that most people don’t already own. Gift cards are the best gift to give. Our gift cards can be purchased for one visit up to ten visits. The recipient can use them for our Stretch n’ Release Technique or a neuromuscular massage. Once they get their card, they can immediately go online and schedule their first appointment 24/7.

When you purchase a gift card the recipient will receive customized videos of the stretches they were taught during their visit. if you purchase a package of visits, the videos will last throughout the time they use the visits. In addition to the videos, the recipient will receive a yoga strap to perform the stretches at home. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

If you are not sure what Stretch n’ Release Technique is you can explore this page to learn about the benefits of the Technique. Here I will discuss why stretching is important in stopping stiffness that can lead to pain later in life. I will discuss why my technique works far better than any stretching technique available. I not only created the technique but used it to stop my own back pain 20 years. it has never come back.

If the recipient maybe a little nervous about their first visit, they can read here to learn what to expect so they can be prepared. Stretching can lead people to imagine all kinds of things, mostly bad from past experiences, but this page may help.

If you have any questions please call, email, or text me with your questions.





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