Your First Massage Visit

Here’s what to expect the first massage visit.

 Your first massage visit

You will bring in your intake form printed off our website and we will discuss what areas you need some relief. It is important that we know what medications you are taking, recent surgeries, or medical diagnoses in order to ensure your safety.


Don’t worry, most people are nervous on their first massage. You may undress to level that you feel most comfortable. We have given massages to people completely undressed to fully clothed and everything in-between. The key here is that you feel comfortable in your state of dress.


Unless you are fully clothed, we will cover you with a sheet and you will remain covered for the entire massage in order to preserve your modesty. Sheets are changed after every massage and tables are wiped down with alcohol wipes.


We do not use any oils that contain nuts. If you need to go somewhere after the massage, you can opt to remained fully clothed and we will use no oils during the massage. Just let us know how we can help.

 While your first massage visit will begin with a more in-depth interview, each subsequent visit for a massage will begin with a 5-10-minute conversation to better understand your needs for that particular session. Your time on the table is approximately 50 minutes in a 60-minute session.

Your feedback is important and is a key part of your journey to live pain-free. As an active partner in the process you optimize the results we are able to achieve.

If this is your first time scheduling an appointment online, you will be asked to create an account. Thank you!

This was absolutely hands down the best massage therapy that I have ever received. 

Michael B.

“One of the best massages I have ever had!”

Linda P.





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