Relaxing starts in the mind and then into the muscles. A stressed mind leads to tight muscles, joints, and back.

Better Stress Relief


There are many different types of massages, over 226 different types. The one thing they all have in common is they cannot work if your mind doesn’t release the emotional stress.

Too many times clients come in looking for the therapist to be quiet and make their muscles let go. The sad truth is, therapists are taught that too.

If you have a hard time laying there for an hour massage because you cannot relax your brain, the therapist will not be able to fully relax your muscles. It’s a team effort. As a therapist I can feel when a client is holding tight and with just a little coaching, I can get the client to emotionally let go. When they do, the muscles will totally relax.

I was once asked by a doctor, “Have you ever seen a stressed guy look relaxed?”

I said, of course not.

The point here is you cannot relax your body with a busy mind. We will coach you to slow your brain and relax your body. We are a team here.


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