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Welcome to The Muscle Repair Shop!

Are you tired of waking up with stiffness, back pain, joint pain, and you have been told it may be arthritis or old age. You may have been told its your age or maybe your goal of being pain free is too high. It's sad but millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain every day. Pain killers are advertised to help if you take them every day. All the while your life becomes limited day by day.

                                                                   Your Life Is About to Change!

Most chronic pain is misdiagnosed because the healthcare practitioner is looking at the wrong area.Too many times we, as well as the professional, go to the point of pain to solve the problem. Bones are usually the blame or nerves that get in the way must be moved or cut. In most cases the pressure on the bones or nerves comes from your muscles. Bones do give you shape, but muscles make you move by applying pressure to your bones. If a muscle is too tight, or short, then the muscle can pull the bones closer together causing joint pain or disc issues in your back. Our bodies must balance from side to side and front to back. If we apply pressure on one side, it will affect the opposite side many times causing pain or stiffness. Most low back pain comes from the thighs.For example, if you have pain when stand but not when you sit, it is coming from the front of your thighs. The same is true for the upper body too. Yes the pain may be on the back, but something is pulling the back forward to create that pain. That is where we come in. We find the cause and then teach you how to solve your pain and stiffness. Just a quick call and we can get you in and hopefully stop your pain.


~ Tony Robbins

Learn to live without chronic pain by using the techniques of the Muscle Repair Shop to free your body up.

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