What is the Pandemic teaching me?  We are on week 3 of shutting down my office and being at home. It looks like April is a wash. I am taking this time to work on my business to improve services such as adding a virtual component to the business so I can help anyone, anywhere. I think that will be very cool.

As I am sitting here working, I cannot believe how many neighbors are walking, running, and even bike riding. Some of them, I didn’t know they owned a bike. I have talked to them for years and never knew they owned a bike. WOW! Life is changing right before our eyes and I think that is awesome!

My wife is having virtual happy hours with her girlfriends all over the country. My friends are eating healthier by eating at home and they like it. Some are still ordering home delivery that has never ordered home delivery before, and they like it. I have never seen so many delivery trucks like UPS, Fed Ex, and Amazon in my life. My grandkids are going to school online. The best part is that everyone seems to like the new changes. This will change our lives for sure.

Globally, I find it fascinating that in 30 days we have dropped the air pollution by 50% due to less driving, flying, and commuting. Maybe we no longer need to do that. My wife’s company is now doing Zoom meetings from now on as other companies are learning they can do this too. it is cheaper and they can reach more people all at once.
One of my friends that owns a restaurant is learning that he does not need to have a dining room which will save him lots of money on rent as he can run his business anywhere and in a smaller space. These changes are happening all around us. I have seen this before during other crises. It forces us to use things we probably would not otherwise. We are building habits that will last a lifetime right before our eyes.

So what about socialization? I believe that we will communicate more online, but I also believe that business will be borne that provide social spaces for people. We shop less for retail goods and food, but we may go to the mall for fun and games instead of shopping. Our malls, as we are already seeing, have movie theaters and restaurants as main attractions instead of big box stores.

For me personally, the pandemic is teaching me to see my company going more virtual and reaching many more people than I can just in my store. Yes, my store will always be there, but my business world will bust through many boundaries. The problem is, learning how to do that. Oh well, that is part of the fun of changing times. I am sure I will figure it out. Tell what changes are you experiencing in your lives? 

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