I chose the term Concrete Body for my blog because I see people whose body is nearly in a frozen state. We all have our excuses for why we cannot do things like we used to do, but the bottom line is we are just frozen in a place. The most common excuse is arthritis, which is not a disease according to the medical dictionaries, age is very common, and others may say they are just not flexible. Each of these can appear like valid excuses, but they are just excuses.
I like to think of arthritis like rust.
rusted car
The less we move, the tighter our muscles get, which reduces the spacing we have in our joints. Think about the door on this car. If we try to open it, the door will probably squeak. If we spray a little WD40 on it, the squeaking will stop. Our joints are very similar in that as our muscles tighten the joint which  squeezes out the synovial fluid, our WD40. This can damage the bones in the long term. Doctors will inject cortizone or Platelet Rich Plasma in the joint to stop the pain, which it does for a short period of time, but the pain will come back and continue to do damage. At some point, the doctor may suggest surgery or joint replacement. By learning how to stretch the muscles correctly, can prevent the joints from becoming painful or relieve the pain if the damage is not too bad.
Age is another excuse many people like to use. A member of my last audience commented that his doctor suggested that the problem with his left knee was due to his age. He though for a moment and said to the doctor that his right knee was the same age and wasn’t hurting, WHY? The doctor had no answer. All age tells you is how long you have been alive. Age is not a factor if you have eaten badly your whole life, lived a sedentary lifestyle, and have not taken good care of your body. Think about the car above. If the owner had kept that car in the garage, made the necessary repairs on the engine, and touched up any scratches on the body, I doubt it would look or drive the same. The car would be the same age as the pictured car, yet it is still usable and shiny. Your body will react the same. It is amazing and frustrating!

man person face portrait

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am just not a flexible person! That is true at the moment, but at birth you were very flexible. Over the years you have told your brain you were flexible and your brain believed it. Plus you were not interested in flexibility enough to practice. Even people that did yoga as a younger person, if they stop, will lose flexibility. If you start practicing flexibility today, regardless of your age, your flexibility will improve. You may not get back to the flexibility you had as a child, but you certainly can free up your body to reduce your pain.
We are told so many different things about our muscles by people with limiting beliefs. It is unfortunate because too many people suffer every day with pain and many have endure unnecessary surgeries and are taking too many pain killers. We hear in the news about the opiod addiction that is rampant in America.  Understanding how your body works and more importantly how your muscles work can slow the need for opiods. This will save lives and tons of money.

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