To be masked or not to be masked? That is an important question in these times. Here in Florida, cases have declined, but are still high. I know masks are uncomfortable and no one likes wearing them, but there are very good reasons to wear one. In this post, I will discuss the reasons why it is smart to wear a mask and it has nothing to do with rights.

Two old men with their arms around each other.

The first reason is everytime we speak, cough, yawn, or sneeze we send out droplets from our nose and mouth that can reach up to 6 feet. The louder we talk, the farther the droplets carry. You wearing a mask protects the people around and if they wear a mask they are protecting you. Standin 5-6 feet apart decreases the risk even more. This is about respect for the people around you.

The second reason to wear a mask. There are aerosols in the air that come from us. These aerosols are very small. the average Hepa filter collects aerosols down to .3mg. The COVID aerosols are .12 so they are too much to be collected. Worse yet, these aerosols, unlike droplets, do not fall to the ground in a few minutes. these aerosols are so light they can drift for hours. AC vents can blow to you from across the room which can lead to infection. If you are outside and 5-6 feet apart, you stand a much better chance of not being infected.

The more people close together the higher the risk, even outside. This is why social distancing is still important. If driving in a car, and airplane, train, or bus with someone you don’t live with can also be a source of infection. The ventilation is not adequate to remove the aerosols. These aerosols are so small even UV lights cannot affect them.


I know the urge to have parties, go out to eat, get your hair cut, massages or your nails is very tempting. However, you can be putting yourself in a very dangerous situation as well as the person serving you. Mask will probably be with us for at least another year and we will get somewhat used to them. Please tough it out for all of us because every life is precious. Some businesses, like mine have chosen to not re-open until June because I want to ensure my client’s health is safe as well as my own. For more information go to

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