Did you know ankles can cause neck pain? This is the most undiagnosed cause of severe neck pain. The length of your stride and the flexibility of your ankles have a lot to do with how much neck and shoulder you have. Most people walk with their thighs. When I watch someone walk, I looking for the bend in their foot. Are they pushing off with their toes and are their hip allowing the leg to go behind them. Regardless of age, very few people take the proper stride. This can lead to balance issues as you age.

Young Asian business woman with pain in neck in office

Typically we think of neck pain as stress-related, sitting in front of a computer, or head forward posture. The focus is on the pain on the back of the neck and mid-back. This mindset results in misdiagnosis and frustration from doing the wrong therapy. Most standard treatments do work short term because the treatment is addressing the symptom. The problem is we are working on the wrong location of the body. Your neck hurts and you can feel down into your midback, but that is no what t is causing the pain. How you walk has a lot to do with the placement of your head. This will cause neck strain.

What causes this to happen?

Shoes play a huge role in how we walk. If the soles of your shoes are hard, there is no way your foot can bend. Therefore, you are using your toes at all. Good shoes should be very flexible. The tightness of your calves reduces the flexibility of the ankles. To learn how to improve your ankles go to https://musclerepairshop.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1197&action=edit. The softness of your feet prevents our feet from bending even if we were barefoot. Your feet should feel as soft as your hands. What if your hands were as hard as your feet? You couldn’t open the door to get out of your house.

As you can see, improper shoes are hampering the way you walk and cause, what seems to be unrelated pain. Learning how to walk properly just takes a few minutes a day, but it can make huge changes in your life. Anytime I have a client with neck pain, I always look at the feet and calves, then how they walk. 75% of the time that is usually where the pain comes from

The calves are such an important part of mobility, and yet they are ignored. This why your ankles can cause neck pain. When your neck hurts and you are not sitting a lot, check your stride. that could be the answer to your pain. For more information check out https://www.musclerepairshop.com

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