sock and tennis ball

Reduce muscle tightness in minutes with nothing more than a tennis ball in a sock. Too many people are buying expensive gadgets to reduce their muscle tightness. There is no magic in the tennis ball and there is certainly no magic in the expensive gadget. Some gadgets have knobs on them or a special material that is supposed to help. Neither has anything to do with your muscles releasing.
The secret to any gadget and my tennis ball idea is your brain. Below are the common mistakes people make due to their training.

What Not to Do!

Do Not Roll Around on the Ball. We need to pinpoint the exact spot that is tight. Rolling around on a ball or roller confuses the brain because it will not know which spot to release.

No need to press really, really hard. Increasing the pressure, while may feel good in the short, prevents the brain from actually letting the muscle go. The brain thinks it is being attacked, and it is by you.

No need for a harder ball. Again, this is not about pressure. If you are thinking about pressure, you are leaving out the brain. Without the brain, the muscle cannot relax. How many times should I repeat that? We have been brainwashed out whole life to beat up our muscles. Remember, the muscles are more emotional than physical.

Do not lay on the ball on the floor.  Again, this is not about the pressure! I hate to keep repeating this but, it is brainwashing that we need to change. Laying on the floor is an all or nothing pressure. Too much pressure will cause the muscles to contract to fight off the pain. Your muscles are more emotional than physical, that is what keeps you alive.

What to Do!

Lean against the wall and gently press. This allows your brain to relax the muscle and soften. The softer the muscles the healthier they are.
Take your time and feel your muscles. Try not to think about anything else except what your muscles feel at the moment. Too much pressure and you cannot think, too little pressure and nothing changes. You should feel a little discomfort, but not so much you cannot breathe.
Do to as long as you need to and as often as you need. You cannot do this too much or too often. Since you are not bruising the body, your body will love the feel of just letting go. Go to this blog posts, https://musclerepairshop.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=784&action=edit


I have found the tennis ball to work as well as any gadget I have purchased. I use mine daily for hips and back. The key is learning to not use too much pressure. Use the ball only for finding sore spots. Then use your brain to relax the muscle while you lean against the ball. To learn more check out https://www.musclerepairshop.com

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