Our Neuromuscular Massage Technique incorporates your brain for a truly therapeutic massage for deep relaxation and softness.

Our clients rave about how long our massages last.

Neuromuscular Massage Benefits


Better Stress Relief

Neuromuscular massage relies on relaxing your mind.  A tense mind will cause muscles to tighten. We will coach you on how to relax your mind so your muscles will release without using deep tissue which can bruise the skin. This is not a fluffy massage therapeutically. You will feel the benefits long after your appointment.

Better Posture

Your bones need your muscles to hold them in proper alignment. When muscles are tight and pulling against the bones, the muscles can affect your alignment that your Chiropractic adjustments. By letting go emotionally and then physically, your muscles work perfectly with your bones for better posture.

Better Circulation

Muscles are the only part of your body that can apply pressure to your bones, nerves and circulatory system. Allowing your mind to relax will relax your muscles. Our job is to coach you to relax your mind when we feel you tightening up. A relaxed mind means a relaxed body- “Fight or Flight Syndrome.”

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Which neuromuscular massage is right for you?

neuromuscular massage

30 Minute Massage

if you only need a quick massage for just one or two body areas, consider a quick 30-minute massage. This is a great way to get a massage when you are short on time. This is usually done clothed without oil.

60 Minute Massage

This is great for that full body massage. It gives you time to relax and let go so we can help you soften the muscles and take the tension out of your body. This massage can be done at any level of undress you desire.

90 Minute Massage

This is the ultimate option when time is no problem. During this stretch we can help you address specific areas as well as a full body massage. This massage can be done at any level of undress you desire.  

One of the best massages I have ever had!

Linda P.

This was absolutely hands down the best massage therapy that I have ever received. 

Michael B.






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