How to change your mindset is the mantra for success in business, prosperity, and sports.  This buzz applies to your health, too!

To accomplish any health goal takes knowledge, desire, and support. For many, desire and support seems to be there at least in the beginning. Knowledge is lacking and sadly, too many people think that gadgets and fad ideas will help them succeed. So why do so many fail at improving their health? Their mindset is blocking them from success!

The 3 Keys to Change Your Mindset

Every January millions of people go to the gym, maybe hire a trainer, sign up for a diet regimen, and/or join a support group, yet most still fail. There is a missing key that is rarely spoken of and that is the brain, or mindset. Let’s look at the 3 areas that we all do as we try to be successful.


When we think of working out our muscles, we tend to think of it as a willpower thing. If I push myself and force my body to do it, my body will give up and react properly. Here is what usually happens by February. The trip to the gym becomes harder and harder as you feel sore, tired, and isn’t it easy to think of several things you would rather do, like doing your taxes!

The thought process here is that my body has a separate brain from the one in my head. This is usually called muscle memory, we think. Remember you are starting out and need to start slow then build up week to week. When your mindset should be to lower the expectations and know that you will get better over time. The longer you have been away from working out, the longer it will take to get back.


Food is a very emotional part of our lives. Again, we believe it is willpower to succeed. Willpower will not last because as the brain is deprived, from what it is craving, it will soon give in and you will feel bad. The body will do whatever the brain tells it.  The brain decides, but the body reacts. Learn how your body converts proteins, carbs, and fats. Once you know, then you can easily pick out foods that are good for you.

Change your mindset from the old ideas of diet like not eating fats or increasing carbs for energy, or the need for protein. The brain is fueled by fats, simple carbs will give you energy, but in 2 hours you will have a crash. Simple carbs are mostly grains. Complex carbs are like green leafy veggies and are better for you. Most people are not short on protein and therefore do not need huge amounts of protein.


In the area of stretching, most are grossly misinformed. Watch people stretch in a gym, even when they are with a trainer. They seem to assume that the more pressure used and the longer the stretch is held, the more likely the muscles will decide to release. Nothing could be farther from the truth and this is why you are not flexible.

The brain and your mindset will help you become more flexible and that does not mean doing splits. I mean being able to move without pain or injuries and isn’t that what you want. When stretching feel the stretch without it hurting. No pain, no gain does not work here! Check out my stretching videos on The Muscle Repair Shop YouTube Channel.

Change Your Mindset for Health

When doing anything your mindset is important, but in succeeding with health goals is it is imperative. The most important thing to remember is the body is reactive, the brain is proactive. Look at your body with new eyes and a fresh perspective led my your expanded mindset and understanding.

About The Muscle Repair Shop

Drawing upon his personal experience as a former competitive athlete turned wheelchair, obese and chronic pain sufferer, Muscle Repair Shop founder Butch Phelps decided to take his health into his own hands when at the age of 36 he was told he might not make it to his 40th birthday.  Applying balanced nutrition advice from his doctor along with a sound exercise program, he went from 315 lbs. to 180 lbs.  Motivated by his experience, he then acquired degrees in advanced therapeutic massage and aging sciences to help people eliminate chronic pain. This included applying his expertise in how people age, including the effects of dementia, anatomy, psychology, and the day-to-day struggles living as an older person to his practice and development of The Muscle Repair Shop’s one-of-a-kind Stretch n’ Release Technique

Available through in-office and virtual coaching treatment sessions, this unique combination of stretching and breath work teaches the brain to release the emotional side of muscle tension and pain allows clients to find lasting relief and healing from stiffness, aches, injuries, and chronic pain. The at-home exercises come with customized instructional videos and virtual or in-office support, allowing clients to enjoy and experience life and sports as they did before limitations slowed or curtailed activities.

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