What to Expect on Your First Visit and Beyond

Don’t worry, most people are nervous! When you arrive, we will spend the first few minutes going over your intake form and learning about your pain and discussing possible causes and treatments.

Each visit after that, the first 5-10 minutes is dedicated to you showing me how you did your stretches, so I know you are doing them correctly.

You will remain clothed during the entire session. I will have you lay on the table as I exam your muscles and range of motion looking for spots for possible causes to your pain.

Once I know where the issues are, I can begin to help you reduce your pain while educating you about the why of your pain.

Finally, I will teach you no more than 3 stretches each session to do at home. I will provide a yoga strap, at no charge, for you to use at home to assist you in doing the stretches.

How often you need to come to my office depends on how hard you work at home. Most people need 3-5 sessions to fully understand how to do the stretches and come in once or twice a month to make sure they are staying on course. 

You are the only one that can allow your muscles to relax and let go. Be sure to fill out your intake forms online and bring them with you on the first visit.

If this is your first time scheduling an appointment online, you will be asked to create an account. Thank you!






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