Are you aging faster than you think? It is actually true that some people age faster than other people biologically. Of course, chronologically that is not true. We have all seen friends and family members that never seem to age and once we learn their age, we are surprised at how young they are, chronologically. Why does this happen and can we slow our aging process down? The answer is yes and it happens based on how well we take care of our bodies.

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Like a car, your body needs to be maintained well to last a long time. Learning about the best foods to put into your body is critical. I have seen many people work out for hours every day, then go out and eat horribly. This led to heart attacks and strokes later in life. No one wants to end up like that.

First Step!

Learning how to get the best workout for you is essential. The first question to ask yourself is what are training for? That will determine what level of training is necessary to achieve your goal. For most people, as they age, the goal is to be able to get in and out of a chair, walk around the block, or just carry their groceries into their house from the car. You do not need to be a bodybuilder for that. Learn about cardiovascular training as it is an important part of keeping your heart strong. Think about how far you should walk and how fast. Many people believe that walking their dog is good enough. the truth is, it is not brisk enough to get your heart working. Think of walking your dog as a start if you haven’t walked much before, but understand you must walk faster eventually.
Yes, luck does play a small part, but it is very small. What you feed your body, how you treat your body, and how you relax your body are the keys to better longevity. Leave any one part out and the end may not be so great.

Where to Start

Begin by reading and listening to videos from professionals about correct eating habits. If you dealing with heart disease or cancer, talk to your doctor about a referral to a dietician that specializes in that area. Too many people are caught up on fad diets. keep in mind, everyone’s body is different and what works for one may not work for the other. Plus diets come to an end, and then what? You lost the 1-20 pounds you wanted, but how do you maintain that weight for life. I lost 105lbs. 23 years ago and have kept it off with little effort. The key is, understanding the results that each type of food causes in your body. We will talk about carbs in another blog post. Check out this post,


You can change your life by being conscious of what you eat. Read labels and if you cannot pronounce a word on the label, it is probably not good for you. Think about it, you would not knowingly put bad gas into your car. Why do you put bad food into your body? It doesn’t take a medical degree to understand which foods are good and which are bad. Just patience.
Increase your mindfulness by scheduling meditation time, keeping a gratitude journal, or just sit in nature and listen to the sounds for 15 minutes a day. You could even take a walk in nature which would give you exercise and peace. Let’s work at reducing the noise in our heads and return to calm.
Please leave a comment below and how you take care of your body. Everyone has a different take and maybe it will help someone that is struggling. For more information go to

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