Why men need to stretch more is about how we, as men, deal with our bodies. I know for most men, we do not like to go to doctors, get massages, or anything that puts us in an awkward position with our bodies. My experience has shown that men typically prefer looking at their health through the lens of a car, sport, or business. In fact, thinking of our bodies as an integrated system of mechanics or processes is key to pain relief for men.

Older man seated and stretching his legs.

Stretching for Men Requires Thinking Like a Mechanic

I will be discussing your aches and pains by using cars to describe what is going, how it affects your sports, or how it can affect your business. The difference in me and other massage therapists is, my clients always stay dressed. In fact, I prefer you in gym clothes. My Stretch n’ Release Technique is easy to do throughout your day. You don’t need fancy clothes, special tools, or even a fancy room to make massive changes in your life. I will show stretches and self-massage you can do sitting at a stoplight in your car, in your office, at the airport, or at home. There is nothing special about any of the tools sold on TV. The releasing of the tension in your muscles causing your pain is knowing how to get your brain to work with your muscles to let go.

When you are in any pain, your brain goes into the “fight or flight syndrome.” In other words, your brain is deciding should I run away or fight. Obviously, you cannot run away from your body, so it must fight and fight it does. This alone will make the muscles tighter. The more you force the muscle to let go, the tighter it gets. Remember, the brain has decided to fight because it cannot run away from your body.

This is a key reason that most stretching techniques fail to make you more limber. Stretching is not about forcing, but letting go.

It Doesn’t Take Much

If you think limber means doing a split like a cheerleader, you need to get rid of that now! You do not need that. What you need is to be able to stand up straight without pain, walk without pain, and enjoy your life. NO matter your age, living pain-free is possible with my Stretch n’ Release Technique. The best part is, it only takes a few minutes at a time and not an hour at the gym to achieve pain relief for men. Check out my blog post-https://musclerepairshop.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1197&action=edit

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