Let’s talk about men and body alignment! OK, I know, as a man, that talking about our bodies is uncomfortable because it is just not something that men talk about. Some of us can, but not all of us. So, I will not do that!

Let’s Talk Cars

We love talking about cars, right? We then, will replace your body with your car. Are good with that? I thought so, because we know so much about our cars and we have all the maintenance schedules burned in our head. We cannot understand how anyone cannot change their oil on time, or get the front aligned to protect their tires, or worse yet, just letting this great car go to pot! Our wives and girlfriends seem to just not understand the importance why we must take care of it. Are we on the same page? Good!

We will start with alignment. We all know that if the alignment is out, we will destroy our tires. Wouldn’t it be stupid to not align your car and just keep replacing the tires? Who would do that?? Probably no one, but you never know.

 When you think about your muscles, think about the alignment on your car. Your bones are like the frame of the car. Blood is like the oil and water does the same thing in your body that it does in your car. Let me explain.

You have your skeleton, the car frame, just lying there. The muscles apply force to the bones to allow you to move. If you are doing repetitive motion at your job, sport, or life in general, the muscles on one side will shorten and cause pain on the opposite side. If you sit behind a desk and finding that when you stand up your low back feels stiff. The pain is in your back, but the cause is in the front of your thighs. Go back to the car. Your tires are wearing out too fast. There is no problem with the tires, but with the alignment. The cause of the problem is the alignment. The symptom is your tires are wearing too fast. The same is true with a stiff low back. But how do we solve this problem with men and body alignment?

With my Stretch n’ Release Technique you will learn that the site of pain is rarely the site of the cause. Your body is an amazing balancing act. You balance front-to-back and side-to-side just like the alignment in your car. Read my blog post https://musclerepairshop.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1197&action=edit

What we have learned in gyms, most PT stretching, and in school is really strength training and not stretching. Stretching is about letting go and not forcing our muscles to release.

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