To be masked or not to be masked? That is an important question in these times. Here in Florida, we are in Phase 1 of re-opening stores across the state. While I know we all want to just back out there like we used to, being too impatient can be detrimental. I feel the same about the masks as many of you. it’s hot, makes my glasses fog up, it looks silly, I feel silly, and I just want to take it off. Please understand why you still need to wear the mask.

I was visiting one of my local grocery stores yesterday and I couldn’t believe how people has changed in a week. A week ago at the same store, 90% of the people were wearing a mask. Yesterday only 60%. Maybe people think that it is all over and we can go back to the way it was, which it may never totally. The reality is, we may see a second and even a third wave coming and the hardest part is it may hit in the fall during season. That would be devastating to any business left from this outbreak. More importantly, many more lives will be lost unnecessarily.

Why wear a mask? The mask is to protect everyone around you. You may think the opposite, but even if you have no symptoms, you can be a carrier. Just talking increases the amount of particles you are putting into the air. The harder you breathe, the more that come out. If you cough or sneeze, the number of particles goes through the roof. So when someone is not wearing a mask, they are putting you in harm’s way much more than for themselves.

The amount of people in a closed in place adds to the danger. Even in a one on one situation, if you are with someone for a long period of time, your risks are much higher. Without proper ventilation or too many people in a smaller space, the airborne particles are linger in the air longer. So social distancing is still a thing and needs to be followed.

I know the urge to have parties, go out to eat, get your hair cut, massages or your nails is very tempting. However, you can be putting yourself in a very dangerous situation as well as the person serving you. Mask will probably be with us for at least another year and we will get somewhat used to them. Please tough it out for all of us because every life is precious. Some businesses, like mine have chosen to not re-open until June because I want to ensure my client’s health is safe as well as my own. For more information go to