Have you ever awakened, stood up from bed, and felt a horrible pain in your back?  After sitting for a while, you stand up, and you get back pain? Or, if you stand too long, you feel a need to sit down to relieve the pain in your back? These are common complaints I hear daily. The #3 injury for doctor visits is back pain. What is equally amazing is the various treatments that people have endured with little to no improvement.  Back braces, injections, strength training exercises, and even surgery trying to stop the pain. Every professional is doing what they were taught to do for back pain. I did the same thing until I learned why my back hurt.

Man standing with back pain

When you stand up after sitting or lying down, the cause is rarely the back. This usually means that the front of your thighs, the quads, or the inner thighs are pulling the pelvis forward which will put a kink in your low back. If when sitting you feel a need to stand up because your back hurts, then it is likely that the hamstrings are pulling the pelvis backward, again putting pressure on the low spine. Over time either can lead to disc issues or pinched nerves.

Hoe can this Happen?

These areas can become tight from walking, running, working out, or anything that requires movement. It is not a case of doing anything wrong, just the way the body moves. In fact, the length of your gait could cause your back to hurt. What can you do about it?  There are many treatments for back pain and most are just a short-term fix as they address the symptom. Any movement that you do with your legs will cause the muscles to naturally shorten.

Think of it as eating. No matter how much you eat today, tomorrow you will be hungry, right? Muscle work the same way! Every movement causes tightness and stretching is the best way to reduce and eliminate the pain. Many people take different types of stretching classes, do yoga, or see a trainer, yet they all seem to be stiff. Yoga is the most successful of the three if you have been doing it for a while.

What can I do About Stiffness?

I created my Stretch n’ Release Technique after years of testing and experimenting with my body looking for a way older people can become more flexible and pain-free. There are several reasons why traditional stretching will not help you become more flexible. Traditional stretching holds the stretch too long and uses too much pressure. The idea is about force. That is a huge mistake. ur brain’s only job is to keep us alive which means when you feel pain the brain contracts the muscles around the painful area to stop the pain. So the more you force a muscle to stretch, the more the brain fights back. This is strength training. Read this blog for instructions, https://musclerepairshop.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1197&action=edit

What can I do Now

Upper quad stretches stop more back pain than anything I have ever seen. However, I am not talking about the traditional quad stretch you see in a gym. Those do not work. This quad stretch must be done lying on your side. The second improtant stretch is the correct calf stretch. AGain, what you see in a gym or physical therapy will not address all four calf muscles and that leads to mid-back pain. You can get the videos at https://www.youtube.com/musclerepairshop.


Understanding that your back pain can be caused by the front side of your body can help reduce the risk of back surgeries or joint replacements. Plus, once you learn how to stretch correctly, you can have a lifetime of doing activities you enjoy, and isn’t that what life is all about! You can contact me at https://www.musclerepairshop.com.