It is actually true that some people age faster than other people biologically. Of course, chronologically that is not true. We have all seen friends and family members that never seem to age and yet we know people that once we learn their age, we are surprised at how young they chronologically. Why does this happen and can we slow our aging process down? The answer is yes and it happens based on how well we take care of our bodies.
Think about a brand new car, it can be any brand. Let’s go for the high end. We would all agree that a Rolls Royce is considered a high-quality car, right? So, what if someone gave you and one of your friends a Rolls Royce each. Your friend is a fanatic about how well he takes care of his car, but you just don’t see the need. Your friend makes sure the proper fuel is put into the car, the oil is change as prescribed by the manufacturer, the best tires are put on it, and every service that is needed based on the mileage is done.
You, on the other hand, forget to change the oil, sometimes for months, buy bad fuel that is mixed with water, run the tires bald, and rarely get any maintenance done to yours. If we visited you 10 years from now and looked at both cars, which car would look and drive the best? Of course, your friend would, unless by some weird chance, your friend was in an accident or the car malfunctioned beyond his control.
Your body works the same way. Yes, luck does play a small part, but it is very small. What you feed your body, how you treat your body, and how you relax your body are the keys to better longevity. Leave any one part out and the end may not be so great.
Too many times I have seen people that work out nearly every day but eat horribly and are under tremendous stress to maintain their workout schedule. Their end of life may not be any better than the person that does virtually nothing. While exercise and lifestyle are important, the amount of stress and the diet have been linked to nearly every major disease. Our society is living under a tremendous amount of stress every day and that is not sustainable long term, regardless of the medical breakthroughs.
You can change your life by being conscious of what you eat. Read labels and if you cannot pronounce a word on the label, it is probably not good for you. Think about it, you would not knowingly put bad gas into your car. Why do you put bad food into your body? It doesn’t take a medical degree to understand which foods are good and which are bad.
Increase your mindfulness by scheduling meditation time, keeping a gratitude journal, or just sit in nature and listen to the sounds for 15 minutes a day. You could even take a walk in nature which would give you exercise and peace. Let’s work at reducing the noise in our heads and return to calm.
Please leave a comment below and how you take care of your body. Every one has a different take and maybe it will help someone that is struggling.