Why is sciatica so mistreated?. Sciatica doesn’t happen as often as you may think. Anytime someone has a pain running down their leg, they may assume it is sciatica and even their doctor may make the wrong assumption. Actual Sciatica is the pinching of the vertebrae in the low spine and herein lies our first mistake. Most people that have surgery for sciatica have a low success rate because it has little to do with the vertebrae and more to do with the muscles around the bones. So what is it that most people think are sciatica?

Digital man suffering from severe back pain

Several things can cause the pain running down your leg. First if it is on the outside of the leg it could be an outside band called the( IT) Illiotibialtrack band which runs from the hip joint to the lower half of the knee. Above it is the( TFL), Tensor Fascia Latta, which runs from the hip joint up to the top of the pelvis. Below the knee are the 3 Peroneus muscles that run from the knee to the toes. Anyone one, two, or three of these can cause pain running down the outside of the leg. This typically what I see from clients that have suffered for months while visiting a doctor or therapist. If the pain runs down the inside it could be one of the 4 inner thigh muscles that run from the pubic bone of the pelvis to the lower half of the knee. Below that is the Plantaris muscle that runs from the knee to the arch. I rarely see this one, but it does happen. Lastly, you may feel down both sides and that would be a combination of the 2 above or the quadricep muscles, on the front of the thighs, pulling the pelvis forward causing compression on the lower spine pinching the sciatic nerves.

Typical treatments include injections, braces, pills, and even surgery. These treatments are just to stop the pain, the symptoms, for the moment. This is why sciatica is so mistreated. Unfortunately, by just stopping the pain momentarily, you may run the risk of more permanent injuries down the road that could slow your life down. When I get my clients they are usually very frustrated and hopeless thinking it can never get better.

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