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                                          The Problem is Not Your Age, but More About Your Lifestyle!
     Too many people today are living with chronic pain.Most take medications, either over the counter or prescriptions. Some wear braces and padding in their shoes, or try gadgets to alleviate the pain. The people in the worst pain opt for surgeries that may or may not work. The problem is we have trained most healthcare professionals to solve your symptoms and not the cause, The bottom line is you are spending too much money for little to no results. The mistake is the professional can be treating the wrong area.Muscles create most of the chronic pain people deal with every day because it is the muscles that move the bones. Think of someone you know that is paralyzed. the bones are fine, but the muscles will not work and therefore there is no pressure on the bones to create movement like walking.
At The Muscle Repair Shop, we focus on your muscle mechanics. Most studies on fitness for older adults discuss strength training  while only leaving a paragraph on stretching and balance. Flexibility and balance is a key issue for many older adults. Traditional stretching like we were taught in school and still practiced in gyms and therapy offices simply do not work. The idea of applying more pressure to the muscle being stretched will make the muscle lengthen is a mistake. Holding the stretch for longer than 3-4 seconds is a mistake and stretching groups of muscles is too much for your brain to handle. The brain is the key to stretching. The more pain you feel, the more the brain makes your muscles contract to get you away from the pain. Too much pressure puts your brain in the fight or flight syndrome and your doing isometric strength training. Holding for more than 3 seconds causing muscles contractions as it causes the stretch reflex in your muscles to engage making the brain think someone is trying to hurt even if it is you stretching your muscle. The brain is the key to better stretching.
      We will teach you how to use your brain to maximize your flexibility. We will begin with Neuromuscular massage to soften the muscle tissue, then use Active Isolated Stretching to lengthen the muscles, while teaching you how to get your brain to allow your body to let go of the tension causing your pain. In essence, we will teach your brain a new normal.

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~ Tony Robbins

Learn to live without chronic pain by using the techniques of the Muscle Repair Shop to free your body up.

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