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                                                Is Active Isolated Stretching Right for Me?
  Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is very different from most stretching we have been taught. AIS was founded by Aaron Mattes over 30 years ago. I was given the opportunity to learn from Aaron Mattes and I took the opportunity as I saw its amazing effects on the human body. The best part is you can do the stretches right at home and help yourself from chronic pain.
Unlike traditional stretching, AIS allows you to stretch each individual muscle in your body. We do not stretch groups of muscles. Your muscles are there to protect you from danger, not just make you look good. Since their job is protection, when you hold a stretch for more than 2-3 seconds the stretch reflex in your muscle contracts to prevent injury and it limits your range of stretching. We will show you how to manuever your extremities to work each of the muscles in that body part so your joints can be free to move properly. During each of your sessions you will learn at least 3 new stretches to do at home. The secret to relieving chronic pain is to get you to become more flexible. This requires effort on your part at home.
Why do we need to stretch and how can that help me?
Stretching has not been seen as a valuable part of muscle training, yet most injuries could be prevented by doing proper stretching.
Stretching takes your joints through their full range of motion which causes the joint to lubricate itself every time. Elongating the muscles takes pressure off your joints so the joint will have the proper spacing to keep the lubrication inside the joint. When a joint loses spacing it squeezes out the lubricant. This can lead to damaged cartilage or bursitis. Stretching can also lubricate your discs in your back and maintain proper spacing between your vertebrae. This will slow down back injuries.
Too many times we look at our bones when we have pain and not out muscles. Muscles tend to be more complex, but your bones follow your muscles. If your muscles are short it will affect your bones and can cause serious damage to joints and back.
There are three things we should do with out muscles. First strength train, we all know a lot about strength training and moderate strength training is ideal for your muscles. Secondly, once you are finished strength training, you should always stretch and AIS is the bet way. Thirdly, get a deep tissue massage at least once a month. Deep tissue massage can be a little more pressure than you are used to, but your body will love it. You know that your car needs gas,oil, and water for it to run. Your body needs strength training, stretching, and massage to run as well. Just like your car, if you maintain your body properly it will last a long time.

Learn to live without chronic pain by using the techniques of the Muscle Repair Shop to free your body up.

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