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Did You Know that your Shoes Could be causing you Pain?

We have all been told for decades to wear shoes that are fully supported, like support for our arches and heels. Could that advice be wrong? When you look at the anatomy of the foot, from a muscular point of view, you will see why I question that advice. The muscle in the arch of your foot, the plantar fascia, works like a shock absorber. When you step down on your foot, it is suppose to expand and take the pressure applied to the ground by you foot. This allows the foot to flatten out to protect the heel and allows the toes to widen to improve your balance. The heel has very little cushion and needs some help from the arch. If you place anything under the arch that prevents it from flattening out, then the pressure moves to the heel and to the knees. Neither were design by our creator to take that pressure. If our toes cannot widen due to pointy shoes and the foot not flattening, our balance gets screwed up as well. This could create falls, pain between the toes, heel pain, and even knee pain. Here is where it gets interesting. By letting your arches expand, your stride will shorten and you cannot push off your toes. When this happens, we must lead with our noses when we walk instead of our belly buttons. This can actually cause neck and shoulder pain from the way you walk. Practice walking barefoot at home first and strengthen your feet. Next walk at the beach to increase your strength and finally buy shoes that are light and flex with your feet. Do not do this cold turkey! Follow the above steps because your feet have not worked properly in many years and they will be sore at first.


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