Live More Pain Free!

It's vacation time!

It is summer and that means travel. Many of us are going back north or just taking a much needed vacation. All that time traveling can lead to low back stiffness or neck and shoulder stiffness. We must prepare before we hit the road.
Sitting cause your thighs on the front to shorten. When you try to stand up, your low back can seem stiff. Kneel on one knee, keep your torso straight and lean your body forward. You will feel the front of your hip of the knee that is down stretch. Hold for 2-3 seconds and repeat 8-10 times.
 Next lay on your stomach, then lift your upper body by getting up on your elbows. Hold 2-3 seconds and repeat 8-10 times. This should free up your low back.
For the neck and shoulders there are stretches you can before, during, and after your trip. First lay back on a foam roller or pillow while extending your arms out to stretch your chest. Hold 2-3 second and repeat 8-10 times. While seated, place your hand on the crown of your head, then tuck your chin and gently pull your head toward your chest. Hold 2-3 seconds and repeat 8-10 times. Finally, place your hands under your chin and press your head up toward the ceiling. Hold 2-3 seconds and repeat 8-10 times. This will free your neck and you can do these several times a day.
In the morning while in the shower, use your hands to massage your chest. All that sitting in the car will cause your chest to shorten.
Happy traveling and we will see you in the fall!


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