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Are you suffering from Tennis Shoulder?

Tennis shoulder is a very common injury for tennis players. Due to the ballistic nature of the serve, it puts a tremendous amount of stress on the muscles of the shoulder. Many shoulder injuries are mis-diagnosed as rotator cuff injury and too many people have unnecessary surgeries only to re-injure it again. The rotator cuff is not a separate part of your shoulder. It includes the chest muscles, muscles on the shoulder under the shoulder blade and down your upper arm. These muscles allow your shoulder to rotate so you can serve the ball. These muscles fatigued, will shorten and get hard which can lead to a tear if not properly stretched. Most stretching routines for tennis players spend too little time actually stretching the muscles, in fact most tennis stretching that I have seen tightens up the muscles due to improper stretching, even when taught by a pro.
First we need to soften the tired muscles with a tennis. Place the ball in a sock and place it between your back and the wall. Don't roll around on it, but just press in. Move the ball until you find a tender spot and hold it there. Breathe out and let your mind release it. Now move to another location and repeat.
For your chest, while in the shower, massage your chest muscles. Be sure to press deep and yes it will hurt, but you need to release the lactic acid out of the muscles. When your chest doesn't hurt regardless of how hard you press, the chest is clean and ready to play.
 When stretching your muscles never hold a stretch for more than 3 seconds and repeat 8-10 times. I will soon have personalized videos on my website for you to follow, but for now, just email or call and I will help you.


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