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Back Pain is rarely a back issue!

More people suffer from back pain than any other reason for pain, yet we cannot seem to find out why. In our society we believe in chasing symptoms. We have a pain, we don't know why, we just want it to go away. Doctors are working hard to help us out of pain, but it continues to re-occur because we do not understand how it started in the first place. The sad part is, doctors rarely know themselves.
Back pain can come from the way you stand, sit, hold your head, how you walk, even the shoes you wear. To solve back pain you must figure out what is causing the pain. Most back pain is caused by muscles, not bones or discs. In fact the disc issues are usually caused by your muscles. Whenever you have pain, the cause is usually on the opposite side. If you have low back stiffness in the morning, can't stand very long, or sit very long, the pain is probably coming from your upper quads. If you back hurts when bend over, it is probably coming from your hamstrings or back of thighs. As you can see your body is all about balance, one side gets tight, the other side hurts.


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